Очелье Сороки - Сокол. Видеозапись «Очелье Сороки (Ochelie Soroki) - Сокол...

Очелье Сороки - Сокол

Видеозапись «Очелье Сороки (Ochelie Soroki) - Сокол (Falcon)»:
Band: Очелье Сороки
Album: ИСТОЕ
Genre: Ethno / Folk
Country: Russia
Year: 2018
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"Ochelie Soroki" is a group of adherents which as a result of long creative searches and experiments, has come to comprehension of unity of timeless musical images, since an extreme antiquity and up to now that is most brightly shown in ethnic music. It our interest to her, and a choice as the basic musical direction speaks.
Many ask, what means the name «Ochelie Soroki»?
It is a question of an Old Russian headdress of "Forty", ochelie - its part, an ornament. Once Pavel Boev has become interested in ancient slavic symbols, and, having found out this headdress, has been amazed by its kind and a magic melodics in accord of "Ochelie Soroki". During too time, forty is a beautiful, fantastic bird, totem animal of many ancient people, including Slavs. Pavel and Uliana Shulepina have decided to unite the is musical-poetic material which collected many long years, in one project, under the name - "Ochelie Soroki".
As soon as there was a name, their old friend Georgij Petrov has joined musicians – the artist and the musician, the author of videoclips of group "Volga" and the founder of the project "Kuge".
Georgij and Xenia Bosenko - the Muse of the artist, carry out work with visual images, creating video - inhabitancy of all action.
Pavel Boev – the professional musician, the contrabass player of a symphonic orchestra of the Moscow philharmonic society, the author of the project “Musical Mythology“. Cooperated with collectives: "Papa-Toki", “HО”, "Kapris", "Veles", Ensemble of ancient music "Lad". In "Ochelie Soroki" he is a composer and the arranger of all songs.
The vocalist of group Uliana Shulepina - the child of the nature, the descendant of a family of great antiquity of mystically adjusted people, the author of the majority of songs, plays tool Psaltery. According to Uliana, through songs it conducts the family of great antiquity forward, remembering in words and melodies of the ancestors, spirit and vivifying force of the nature, sometimes it leads to that some songs are executed in unknown language.
"Ochele Soroki" moves by the way of revealing of deep communications of different cultures through music, as universal language. Many people of Europe, Asia, Africa, Scandinavia and America have similar musical systems that testifies to ancient relationship of cultures. All of us once spoke in one language. Through musical landscapes we try to understand, who we are actually and a part of that we are. The group «Ochele Soroki» gives to each of us possibility to plunge into undercover depths of memory of antecedents when the Sun sang to us a morning clearing up song, the Moon and a night wind told about far-away countries when people, coming to this world, knew for certain that they - its only small part. Bylinas, legends, ancient tunes and ancient frets, magic and ancient sagas allow us to slightly open a secret door in the fantastic country which actually exists.
"In addition for long journey to mystical Kingdom of archetypes". This is album "Istoe" is the second part of the dilogy which has been started with first album called "The Northern Kingdom".
Pavel Boev - talharpa, citera, programming
Uliana Shulepina - vocal, talharpa bass, obertone flutes
Alexandr Bragin - davul, percussion
Sound producer: Yuri Sudakov
Mixing, mastering: Oleg Gubanov
Design, layout, cover design - Ulyana Shulepina
Recorded on the Pro Live Records studio Russia, Moscow 2016-2018
1. Сокол / Falcon
2. А на горе мак /A na gore mak
3. Манечка / Manechka
4. Песнь / The song
5. Kоляда / Kolyada
6. Самаиду / Samaidu
7. Полно горе горевати / Polno gore gorevati
8. Карывать моя / Karyvat` moya
9. Истое / Istoe