Вєлєсъ - Дороги домоі. Видеозапись «Велес (Veles) - Дороги домой (Dorogy...

Вєлєсъ - Дороги домоі

Видеозапись «Велес (Veles) - Дороги домой (Dorogy domoy)»:
Band: Велес (Veles)
Album: Дороги домой (Single)
Genre: Sympho-Folk Metal
Country: Russia
Year: 2017
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Veles - god in the ancient pagan pantheon, patron of poetry and storytelling.
In ancient text, "The Tale of Igor's Campaign", an ancient bard Boyan called "Veles's grandson", indicating the function of Veles as the god of wisdom, poetry and songs.
Group Veles - a symbiosis of metal , folk and classical Russian music. The idea of ​​a band appeared in 2000 , by Denis Dianov and Ilya Shchukin , who at the time were together on violin . They were united by a craving for Russian folk songs , and "heavy" Western music . The main idea of ​​the project was to use a bow string instruments , but over time the emphasis has shifted towards a " guitar " for a more traditional rock sound , which was supplement