Чирапак - Видение индейцев. Видеозапись «Indian Vision - Chirapaq - Native...

Чирапак - Видение индейцев

Видеозапись «Indian Vision - Chirapaq - Native American - Powerful Pride - Sacred Medicine»:
The lyrics of this song are in Quechua which is an ancient language spoken by the Incas and Peruvians. Originally, Chirapaq is a song by the group Alborada, this heart pounding version with inclusion of electric guitars, is by Chirpaq by Reencuentros from Indian's Vision. CD and art images of Native American Indians by J.D. Challenger, Kirby Sattler, and other famous fine art works shown in galleries at firstnation.us and sattlerprint.com
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Untranslated lyrics:
Kayna punchau turonero
Sapallaypi waqaskani
Mana pipas q'awarillaskan
Waqallarkani sapay
Llakillarkani sapay
Q'uyay mamayta
Maypillaraq sunquchallay
Maypiñaraq ñawiruruy
Maytaq cuna
Waqaysiwanchu ñawiy
Llakisiwanchu sunquy
Tayta mamayta
Translated in English as best as possible.
Yesterday I was crying
as nobody saw me
I cried lonely
and I felt pain when I was
remembering my poor mother
Where is my heart?
where are my eyes?
They are already sad with me
Don't cry with me
my eyes cry
my heart suffers when I'm
remembering my parents